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About Us

We are a pro life Cherry Hill, NJ nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization devoted to building a culture of life and family. We enter into the lives of pregnant women who believe their only option is abortion. Through the work of our local unpaid volunteers, we provide invaluable support services, mentoring, and assistance programs designed to evangelize, educate and equip these expecting moms for a new future full of life, hope, faith and family.

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LIFEstories is a monthly newsletter distributed to hundreds of pro life individuals, families and churches in Cherry Hill showcasing real stories of real women who turned away from abortion and embraced a new life of hope for their babies and themselves. These stories display the amazing impact that God’s love and The Helpers work makes in the lives of children and their mothers. You will get to see real, beautiful miracles each month as we showcase the children who have been saved by God’s grace and your prayers. To see previous editions, visit our LIFEstories page by clicking on the menu tab above.

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